We are a family owned and operated small ranch.  

We started raising Boer goats in 2006, then went to raising Kiko goats in
2007.  In 2012 we started breeding and raising Miniature Australian
Shepherds.  In 2013 we started raising chickens for eggs for our family and
friends.  In July of 2014 we took a little break from goats, but in June of
2015 we have started building our goat herd up again.  We plan on raising
Kiko and Kiko cross goats along with our Miniature Australian Shepherds /
Miniature American Shepherds and see what plans God has for us now.  

We have about 30 acres in the Central part of Oklahoma.

God has blessed us in so many ways and we love to pass on our

We believe in God, trust in Jesus Christ, hope in America and love our
family and friends.

Please take a look around our website and feel free to contact us for any
Our Ranch is owned and operated by
John & Jenny Zink